This new group looks to recognize businesses that are protecting us.

It's time to look at things from a positive perspective. There are businesses out there who are doing a wonderful job of masking up, social distancing and sanitizing their stores. There's often some expense to doing things right, plus they have to deal with jerks who don't respect what is essentially being done for them.

I've seen a group or two that puts people on blast for not adhering to mask regulations and I just don't want to swim in the negative all day. Why not turn things around and promote the businesses that are doing good work in some really crappy times?

The name of the group is Lubbock Heroes Wear Masks and here's the description:

I wanted to create a group that only shares positive reviews of places, pickup, and more that are adhering to mask regulations. We will share no negative stories because that kind of thing may be ripe for abuse. If you return to a place you gave a positive review and they've backtracked, then just delete your previous post. The people who are masking up right now deserve to be recognized and patronized. Your entries can be as simple as saying "United Marketstreet On 50th is all good". Just quick, positive stuff. If a place is mostly good and you felt comfortable, then assign it a percentage or add a statement ("Front of house good, 80% in the back")

So if you'd like to focus on where TO shop as opposed to where you are taking your chances, hit up the link and join us. This will be a positive experience and hopefully rewarding for the businesses that are doing a good job.

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