The 60th Annual  Fibermax Caprock Classic will actually run Thursday through Saturday.

89 teams from all over (including world travelers from Austrailia) will descend on the Hub like a pack of ants on a dead moth!  Okay, that may be an exaggeration, but good luck if you wanted to try and get a hotel room this weekend and restaurants will probably be outright murder fields.

The teams will be using area high school gyms and finally finishing up four championships at the Rip Griffth Center on the campus of LCU (BOOO! The kids should have got the big stage at United Supermarkets Arena).

Here's the cool thing, the tournament is actually hosted by Lubbock Caprock Ambucs and benefits people with disabilities. For this reason alone, you should got to about fifty or sixty games.  If you'd like a more serious look at what's going on here, hit em on their host page.

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