This has been happening right under our noses and most people had no idea.

To host any kind of championship is a big deal. The fact that Lubbock landed an event is pretty awesome. Any event opens doors for more events, both big and small. You may even have seen an influx of people this weekend and wondered, "What in the heck are they doing here?", "Where's that license plate from?", and "What's that weird accent/lack of an accent I'm hearing?"

The answer to all of the questions is Roller Hockey.  We have been hosting the Roller Hockey Championships since Saturday, with events lasting through Friday.  Apparently, the Lubbock Civic Center has been transformed to host these champions.

This is not a little even by any means either. It looks like we have teams from Phoenix to Florida and beyond. There are also multiple age groups participating so this is a whole lot of folks working up an appetite, eating at Lubbock restaurants, shopping around town, and staying at our hotels.

Now might be a good time to remind everyone to be on their best behavior and recognize that we have visitors in town. These people can carry the good word about Lubbock back to their home states and that can benefit us in any number of ways.

I've been trying to determine the difference (other than the obvious) between ice hockey and roller hockey, and it looks like the roller hockey teams have fewer players and a lighter puck. I'm sure the action is still pretty face paced and it should be really fun to watch. You can get more details on admission and the games here.

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