Have you ever wondered how someone can complain about Lubbock, but still love it?

I've taken a bit of flak about my feelings about Lubbock. Numbnuts who can't think any deeper than a wading pool just don't get it.

I've heard, 'if you don't like it, move' or 'maybe you should quit talking about it and do something' (as if I haven't done a million things already). I've been looking to explain this complex relationship for some time, so here goes.

Lubbock is like your dog. You love your dog, right? You want your dog to love you back, right? Sometimes you can't even wait to get back home to your dog. Lubbock is like your dog, even though you love it, sometime it just s***s everywhere. Sometimes you love it, but it doesn't show it loves you back. Sometimes it doesn't appreciate you. Most of all, you want it to DO BETTER!

Still, it (your dog or Lubbock) gives you just enough love that you don't give up on it. You go through long periods of thinking each other are the best, then it just acts up and you get a little upset with it for a bit.

Lubbock is 100 percent like a dog: it can be your best friend, or bite you on the ass.

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