The Lubbock Laugh Off returns this Friday with a couple of twists!

John Lewis Sims, Photo: Nessmania
John Lewis Sims, Photo: Nessmania

As you may know, the tip-off for the Texas Tech/Purdue game is set for 8:57 p.m., and the usual starting time for the Laugh of is 9 p.m. So what to do? How about you go for a two-pointer?

The Laugh Off will be moved to 7:30 p.m. This means is will be over and done probably 10-15 minutes before the game starts. Yeah! You get to see both.

Next up, veteran standup comedian Steven Feldman will host this edition. On the bill will be JJ Howell, Swayde Roberts, Caleb Davis, Sharrod Hightower, Joe Cash, and Aaron Durbin (Davis, Durbin and Cash are all former winners). The competition will have a bit of a break in the middle for a standup set from last month's winner, John Lewis-Sims.

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