It's that time already. The Lubbock Laugh Off returns with an epic night of comedy.

If things go as they usually do, this will be our 20th standing room only show. That's okay, if you get there early, some other poor s.o,b. can stand.

We put six comedians into a 3 tier competition; it's part stand-up, part improv and part roast. The various segments range from 3 minutes for the stand-up, to 30 seconds for each of the four improv questions to about a minute for the roast.

Lubbock has an amazing comedy scene and these guys have been banging it out sometimes five nights a week to hone their skills.

On this weeks bill are Matt Villegas, Jason Emmel, Steven Feldman, Joe Cash, JJ Howell and Miguel Lozano. In the middle of the competition, we break for a headline set from last months winner Caleb Davis.

There's a lot on the line this Friday night because the winner will get an automatic spot in a Lubbock Laugh-Off All-Star show we are planning for next month.  The comedy starts at 9:00 and is over by around 9:45. Arrive around 7:00 to pop a squat at a table.

Oh, and I host this thing (Wes).

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