Man, who couldn't use a laugh right now?

The folks over at Laugh Hub City are ready to lighten your laugh load with a night of fun and merriment this Friday, September 20th, 2019. (Man, that sounded better in my head than it looks in a blog.)

Helping you navigate this perilous sea of giggles will be none other than myself (Wes Nessman, in case you didn't check the byline). Best of all, for the first time EVER, in 30 shows, I will not be wearing my trademark white tuxedo jacket!

On the bill this time around will be: Kendal Smith-Rodriguez, Matt Villegas, Aaron Durbin, Chris Rodriguez, Danny S, and Christian Rivera. Headlining the gig will be two-time winner Cole Walker Headrick.

The event is free, but you need to arrive early for table seating. Comedy starts at 9 p.m. at World of Beer (2910 W Loop 289 in the West End Plaza), and is usually over right around 10 p.m. Come get some!

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