I'm leading a cadre of comics through some intense drills this Friday night.


The Lubbock Laugh Off has now had seven standing room only engagements in a row. I am very proud to be leading these young men (and occasional old men, and occasional women) through the comedy world and onto the stage.

The competition works like this: each comic gets three minutes of straight stand up comedy, then it's four :30 second rounds of questions presented by me, followed up by a minute each to roast each other.  It can go from gut bustlingly funny to painfully awkward in a matter of moments.

The comics are competing for a ratty second-hand trophy (if we remember to bring it) and a chance to do a headline set at the next Lubbock Laugh Off. It's very fast paced and over before you know it (like sex with me). The actual comedy begins at 9 and is over by about 10, but once again, we pack the joint so you need to arrive early.  There is NO COVER and delicious food and amazing beer.  Oh yeah, it happens at The World Of Beer.

On this bill this week it's: Gary Dorsey, Caleb Davis, Kimothy Williams, Payton Mayers, Austin Meador, Chris Hobart and headliner Steven Feldman.

The Lubbock Laugh Off is Produced by Nessmania (myself) and Laugh Hub City.


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