Have you ever seen something that was simply extraordinary?

I was in the middle of something that I had never seen before. I told the story to another person and they just went, "Uh-huh" like it wasn't one of the most magical special things ever.

The Lone Star Amphitheater borders both Mackenzie Park and Mae Simmons Park (where the frisbee golf is). One of the Canyon "lakes" also has a small creek running through it, which I guess is important to the story. As I was working in the back of the Amphitheater I was suddenly swarmed by hundreds of dragonflies. It was absolutely crazy, hundreds of them, full grown just swarming willy-nilly with no apparent destination or goal (other than to maybe look at the front of the haunted house).

I have been around a bit and I've done my share of fishing. I've seen maybe a dozen dragonflies near the edges of the water, but I've never this many, this big, all at one time. It was like they were having a convention and I was the guest speaker.

Having dragonflies is actually a very good problem to have. Do you know what a dragonfly's favorite dinner is? Dragonflies love to eat mosquitos and love to eat a lot of them. They are so good at it, the Old Farmers Almanac recommends you turn off your bug zapper if you can get dragonflies to take care of your 'skeeter problem (they also tell you what plants attract them).

I still think it's one of the dangdest things that's ever happened to me, even if it's happened to you. Let's hope for more hungry dragonflies to keep the bloodsuckers at bay for the rest of the summer.

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