There is never a day when I won't pass these messages along. We salute another local man kicking rear in the U.S. Military. Two years ago he was walking the halls at Lubbock High and now he's riding a nuclear submarine. That's quite a big change for a kid from Lubbock, Texas. Our serviceman star this time around is Petty Officer 3rd Class James Sescil. James followed what seemed to be a trend among former Lubbock natives: to get away from the dryest of dryland and get in, on, around, or in this case sometimes under, some water (I recently attended a local graduation and the Navy appears to be the service of choice). Sescil is a machinist's mate, and let's hope he does a good job because the U.S.S. California is a 2.3 billion dollar machine (double-check that you put the plug back in after you change the oil James!). I imagine the responsibility for the care and feeding of a sub like this is intense.

By Stephanie Fox, Navy Office of Community Outreach GROTON, Conn. – A Lubbock, Texas, native is serving in the U.S. Navy aboard USS California, one of the world’s most advanced nuclear-powered submarines. Petty Officer 3rd Class James Sescil, a 2019 Lubbock High School graduate, joined the Navy two years ago. Today, Sescil serves as a machinist's mate. “I joined the Navy because I wanted to travel and see the world,” said Sescil. “I've already had the chance to see a lot of the United States in my two years of service.”

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