It's not your imagination, Lubbock folks are a bit out of control.


According to, people in Lubbock are over twice as likely to be the victim of a violent crime as Texans at large. Pretty scary, right?

Let's check out the actual odds. The site says you have a 1 in 92 chance of being the victim of a violent crime in Lubbock, while other Texans are looking at a 1 in 230 chances. As for property crimes, well we aren't doing so well there either.

So why does such an upstanding city have such a crazy crime problem? I put the blame in one place, and that is BOREDOM. I'm serious. We don't have crippling poverty and folks struggling to eat. But we do have people who have more time than good sense.

I myself have found myself in some ugly situations just because there was nothing to do other than get into trouble. I can also say that organized sports and a few other things pulled me away from a lifetime of doing wrong.

At some point, Lubbock is going to have to invest in the future. It might be a private thing or a city thing, but it needs to be a thing. It seems that once your sports-ball years are over, the town doesn't have much need for you. We need to be good to one another and we need places to be good to one another. Until then, stay out of dark alleys.

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