This Thursday is the big day when the Loop (which was probably based on some giant occult sign) will split open and some giant hell-beast and/or Cthulu will burst forth and swallow the town for being ungodly.

This Thursday an atheist will give the invocation at City Hall. I've already written how inconsequential and un-newsworthy this should be. Apparently, it frightens the City Council so much that they are scheduling some prayer before invocation and according to Lubbock Online some members of the council may not stand and may even leave during the invocation. While I look forward to making fun of these idiots, I will also point out that the council members who behave in this manner are not representing all of the citizens of Lubbock, just a certain portion of it.

While not a huge melting pot, Lubbock does have a bit of cultural, ethnic and even spiritual diversity. Everyone deserves a chance to be represented if they want to be.  I am reminded of the fanatics who busted up the Windy Man, protested Marilyn Manson, or told us Lubbock was going to become Sodom & Gomorrah if we had booze in town.  Thursday is going to come and go and not much is going to happen other than a few fanatics getting pants crapping mad that someone with a different point of view said some positive words of encouragement before a city council meeting....well that, and we'll find out which council persons serve the entire community.

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