I was reading about the pros and cons of wind power, and we just have too much to gain by adopting windmills and windmill power.

Not only should Lubbock be a windmill city, I like the idea of becoming the windmill city. It sure makes a lot more sense than being called "the Hub City" or "Dirt City" or even the ridiculous "friendliest city." Heck, we already have windmill art built into some of our overpasses.

We obviously can't adopt windmills in much of the city proper, but we do have a fine tradition of smaller pump windmills in the area, so much so that Lubbock is home to the American Windmill Museum. This type of effort, when put in marketing terms, is exactly the kind of identity makeover that I've been pushing for a long time.

The goal would be to adopt and promote wind energy throughout the area. To encourage the adoption of turbines, which can really help stabilize farmer's incomes. With large-scale adoption, we should also see energy benefits while adopting cleaner power.

If you'd like to see what I consider a very fair assessment of the pros and cons of wind energy, here's a great article about it.

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