I can just see this stop sign saying, "nope, nope, nope, nope, nope."

I'm not sure if you call Central Lubbock's weather event on Sunday a "squall," "downburst winds" or "the wrath of Cthulu." I can tell you that I saw busted trees, downed street signs and those advertising wind feathers (ad flags) blown all over the place. It was ugliness on 50th Street for sure. I guess the worst thing was the flooding, which looks like it overwhelmed some of the area parking lots. In all of this, there was the issue of wind as well.

We received a second dose of this weather on Monday night. We had some of that extra, extra loud thunder up at the intersection of Interstate 27 and the North Loop. For a while there, we were also able to experience the extremes that Central Lubbock experience the day before. It was like the sky just opened up and an entire ocean was falling through. It wasn't like raindrops; it was more like raincupsofwater. With that kind of storm, we also got high winds, flooding and other problems.

Back to Sunday's event and its weird wind. Wind can do very funny things. Sometimes it blows in a straight line and sometimes it whips around in circles. What caused the pulsing effect on this stop sign is beyond me. I could see it bending back or flipping to one side, but I don't know what caused it to shake its head side to side like a toddler trying not to get a shot.

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