Some crimes seem worse than others.

Imagine coming out to your truck and finding this. (Photo by JP)
Imagine coming out to your truck and finding this. (Photo by JP)

Crime With A Disproportionate Effect

When something expensive is destroyed just for a quick $10, it sure is heartbreaking. A friend of mine, a real stand-up guy, the kind of guy who would give you $10 if you asked, just became a victim of an awful crime.

The Actual Crime

So what could be worse than having your catalytic converter stolen? How about having a hole drilled in you gas tank, presumably so the thief can make off with a little bit of gas? That's what happened in this case and it is the worse.

Doesn't this just drive you into a rage?   (Photo by JP)

The Effects

What makes this crime so bad is it takes away the owners ride to work. Even worse, getting it repaired can run into the hundreds or thousands of dollars. IF a hole in a gas tank can be patched, the whole car still needs to be lifted up and the gas tank removed. Its a very labor and equipment intensive process.

Why Aren't There Political Signs About This?

I'm going to veer off here for a moment. It's crimes like this that made me so disappointed in Lubbock law enforcements active campaigning against marijuana laws. Now be honest, when I mentioned that someone had drilled a whole in a gas tank, what was your first thought? Yes, "crankhead/methhead".  We have GOT to get our priorities straight.

Keep An Eye Out

This is definitely one of those see something/say something crimes...or just to be safe, feel free to back over anybody underneath your car. If I'm on the jury, I won't convict you.

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