Just seeing these pictures makes my feet sweat.

I don't know if it is typical for people with a fear of heights, but even seeing something done up high can cause a physical reaction to me. Instantly my feet feel like they're about to start sweating and I get a kind of overall fight or flight kind of feeling. I personally don't see how these tags were a worthwhile risk for anyone.

Graffiti itself is a complicated topic. I can respect graffiti if it's artistic. I'm frequently over by the trainyards and see some amazing stuff. Yes, I'm aware that's illegal and should not be encouraged, but it can be creative even if it's there for the wrong reasons. Then, there's the stuff that's just vandalism for the sake of vandalism.

A friend of mine sent me pictures from Raider Park and it's just garbage. This has nothing to do with artist expression or anything else; it's just idiocy. Adding to the fact that the taggers had nothing to say is the fact that some of this looked dangerous to do.  I can't imagine hanging out of a window just to paint this BS.

Am I wrong to think that if they keep doing this maybe life will teach them a lesson?

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