The economy in Lubbock has always done well.

Even when the economy has taken hits across the country, Lubbock has done well. I've rarely seen anything happen anywhere else that even caused a ripple in Lubbock. We have been very resilient but new circumstances bring new challenges.

The first thing Lubbock will need to do is change its mind-frame. There is a perception that we owe our success to students. There's also a mind-frame that we are still agriculture-based. It seems like we're a healthcare based community, but I'd still go with the fact that we are a very well-rounded town economically. We owe our success to farmers, students, doctors, and everything in-between.

There's already a plan to bring college students back. Hopefully, our farmers will be able to diversify their crops (and get some good rain).  Our medical centers are among the best in the nation. Most of all, our mom and pop shops had adapted to these new challenges with dexterity and determination. It all comes down to you focusing where you put your dollars to give you AND the community the best bang for your buck.


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