When we think "Lubbock Animal Shelter" we tend to think of it as "Lubbock Dog And Sometimes Cat Shelter".

The Lubbock Animal Shelter's mission is to help animals. While that may mean mostly stray dogs and some feral cats, they cover any, or at least most animals. For this reason, they've had some very unusual (hopefully temporary) residents. This brings us to a recent capture:

Would you look at the face of that pig! That pig looks like it should be a Disney character. That look on its face is kind of "So, what of it?" and it's just killing me right now. This pig looks like it should be the wacky neighbor on a sitcom about talking pigs. I think this just might be the best pig ever. Seriously, go back and look at the pig one more time, it's got loads of personality. I think I'm going to call her Martha until her real name is revealed.

I just know this girl has to be someone's pet who chewed through a fence or something. The caption says the pig was found on the 5200 block of 91st, and I doubt it hitch-hiked its way over there. Then again, this certainly looks like a pig with personality so who knows if someone gave it a ride.

Anyways if you're missing a pet pig (this one HAS to be a pet, at least that's my guess), then you can find her at the Lubbock Animal Shelter. I'd be prepared though, because this pig looks like it's been up to some serious shenanigans.

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