Did you know you used to be able to go clubbin' at the South Plains Mall?

The Chelsea Street Pub was a long rectangle of a club that operated at South Plains Mall. How awesome was it that you could shop all day and pop in for a cocktail? It also had hours beyond the Mall hours and served as a regular meet-up place for happy hour and other get-togethers.

Chelsea's occasionally had bands, but really hit it hard with d.j.s and eventually karaoke. The long slender layout of the club didn't make for a huge layout for people to set up a full band so smaller setups, including acoustic artists, were the norm for the place.

Now that we've been nice, let's talk about the real star at Chelsea's, and that was the drinks. Chelsea's was almost a tiki bar in that it specialized in big, alcohol and sugar-packed specialty drinks. Chelsea's "Hurricane" wasn't just a drink, it was a challenge. There was so much alcohol in those things that passing a match over the top to light someone's cigarette was a really, really bad idea.

It's been a minute since I've done deep exploration in the Mall, but it's my understanding that if you want a drink around that area that you need to check out one of the exterior restaurants. I don't understand why the Mall hasn't taken one little bitty corner of the property and enticed three or four little mini-clubs to open shop there. After all, Malls pay rent on the property 24/7, they could benefit from some after-hours cash. Until that time though, Chelsea Street Pub will always be one of Lubbock's Best Things Ever.

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