Lubbock's location of Charlotte Russe inside South Plains Mall is permanently closing today (12/27/2022) with a $1 blowout sale, according to this Facebook post:

Last day of the sale tomorrow everything is 1$$ Charlotte Russe south plains mall yes that’s not a typo everything is a 1$$ 10 a.m - 9 p.m come clean us out everything must go!!!

I'm sure this sale will get hit like a ton of bricks immediately, but looking at this photo, there still seem to be quite a few items worth well over a dollar. I'm particularly looking at all that denim to the left-hand side.

Charlotte Russe filed for bankruptcy back in 2019 and has been on shaky legs since. The retailer was bought out just a month later and was able to keep 100 of their 517 retail locations open. Lubbock, obviously, was one of them but is now closing just 3 years later.

Why is it closing? While I am not sure the exact reason the company is closing its Lubbock store right now, I can tell you what Charlotte Russe saw as its "failure" back in 2019:

In its bankruptcy filing, the company said it “failed to connect” with teens and young adults in recent years and “outpace the rapidly evolving fashion trends.”

"Fast Fashion" is just that- fast. And while it does provide affordable clothes marketed to teens and young adults, I feel that it cannot compare to the quality and durability of having fewer "core" wardrobe pieces that are made to last. I'm not a teen though, so I don't have the need to follow trends so closely as to change my wardrobe every season.

If you go to the sale today- happy hunting. I hope you find a lot of items that will look wonderful on you.

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