Let's say you're really hungry for chicken, do you know the best place to go? In terms of areas, I have the ultimate chicken hot spot for you.

I don't know what kind of battleground they're laying out, but at the Loop and 4th street, right around Elkhart, four chicken places have set up shop.  First, there was Wingstop and Slim Chickens, then Chic-Fil-A set up shop and now the area is home to what I believe to be the biggest and best Raising Cane's in Lubbock.

These four restaurants are so close together that you could actually by a piece of chicken at one and be at another one of the restaurants before you finish it. I have no idea why these four restaurants are clustered together, but I have a name for the area, it shall here and forever be known as THE CHICKEN STRIP!

(oh and by the way, there's also a Whataburger and a Sonic over there who also make some dang fine chicken)

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