Do you need to get rid of a mattress? What about a washing machine?

This past week a Lubbock law enforcement officer was injured while attempting to move a mattress out of the road. Now, I have no idea whether it was new, flew out of another vehicle on accident, or if the intention was to "drive like hell until it falls out".

Also, this week while traveling down the road behind what will be the Lubbock Expo Center, I was greeted by this:


It's hard to believe that people would be so inconsiderate of others' property and safety, and what makes it worse is that the city's convenience centers are so easy to use. I had occasion to use one twice in the last couple of months and it was so easy, convenient, and quick that I can't believe people would even bother to dump something by the road.

So what about the cost? There is none. All you have to do is prove you are a Lubbock resident by showing your driver's license or a current utility bill. I was also greeted by a very nice forklift operator (nicer than most people who work in customer service) who showed me which bin to use. It was all on asphalt and not a problem. I guess I should also mention that since these places are for bulky items, yard waste, and used oil, they don't have that trash stench associated with dumps.

It's my hope to get the word out to people about how easy all of this is. There are four centers around town, 1631 84th Street, 4307 Adrian Street, 7308 Milwaukee Avenue, and at 208 Municipal Drive. You can get more info here.

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