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This Is Getting Weird

Life flies by fast folks. I'm still stuck in that weird place where we were treated as the outcasts, the troublemakers, and yes, even, "the satan worshipers". Now while none of those things were true, it sure left me with a chip on my shoulder. We still absolutely, positively love to raise hell, and occasionally be controversial, everyone understands that it's all in good fun. Let's also mention that we are in Lubbock, Texas, one of the most conservative places in America, and the ROCK station is number one. It's just crazy.

Thank You From The RockShow

As you know, the RockShow has been down a very rocky road. I first want to say thank you to the folks who helped us get where we are. We certainly recognize that we've stood on a lot of big shoulders to get here. We also have to 100% thank the FMX Roadcrew and all of those listeners who contribute to the show via their answers to the Smoking Poll and Dumbass Of The Day on social media and to the RockShow Confessional line.

Thank You From The Workday Crew

Miss Renee Raven has been doing an incredible job of keeping the music moving while keeping you on top of things. The fact that you share part of your workday with us is just huge. We realize you're around other distractions and even coworkers who may not share your taste, so we appreciate you tuning in. I guess it doesn't hurt that she also has Threefer Madness and the Free Lunch on her side too.

Thanks To Our Advertisers

It's a huge deal that advertisers have stepped up for our station. We encourage you to hit up all that you can, especially those Lubbock businesses, who actually look at advertising on FMX as part of a measure of their success.

Let's Not Make This An Oscar Speech

I'm going to start tapping out now, but I feel like gratitude is so very important, especially in today's world. We are all still emerging from some dark times and I feel like all the rockers out there leaned on each other to make it through.  We did this together. We're #1 because you're #1.

p.s. We're not slowing down or stopping now. With the slate of shows we have coming up, it's essential that you tune in and rock out every day.

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