It's time for those New Years Resolutions.

You can improve yourself or something in your life, the key is to make it simple and doable.

The problems people have when making resolutions generally fall into two categories, they are either too vague or way out of reach.  If you can avoid these trouble areas, you can end up keeping a resolution and being pretty proud of yourself for doing it.

Let's get into the vague one first. A LOT of people will resolve to "get into better shape". That's a good goal, but it doesn't involve the appointment setting needed to make sure it happens. So if your goal is to get into better shape, change that goal to "I'm going to run every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday". That, my friend, is a resolution with some teeth to it. Think about it too, even though it's very, very specific, it actually also sounds like much less of a challenge than "getting into shape", even though those daily runs will get you into shape.

So that leads us right to the front door of "out of reach". Let's say you are 30 pounds overweight. Setting a goal of "getting back to your high school weight" is probably a big number and probably not doable. Saying, I'm going to lose two pounds a month, would probably be a more motivating goal. Losing two pounds a month sounds easier than losing 24 pounds in a year, even though they are the same thing.

One other thing, don't be afraid to choose a goal that you've got a head start on. Achieving a goal is very good for you mentally, so if your goal is to clean out the clutter in your house and you've already done a closet or two, then set that goal and be proud that you've started and even prouder when you finished.

Good luck and good goal setting and resolutions to you for the New Year.

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