May is Mental Health Awareness Month. I hope I can give you a little insight.

I've been told that it's a big deal that I've dealt with some of my mental health issues publicly. I really don't feel that way. I'm just not embarrassed because I view it like any other sickness or injury. I certainly wouldn't be embarrassed that my arm got broken (unless I broke it in an embarrassing way) so I don't see the problem if my brain needs a little rehab.

Let's start with this, if there is any way at all possible that you can discuss this with a doctor then you should do that. You may, like me, need a little medication to get you over the hump. It's not big deal, I take pills for headaches and I took other pills to get my brain right. I was eventually able to come off the medications and start looking into some ways to train my brain a bit better.

I have found the words and lessons of the stoics, to be incredibly useful, especially as taught by Ryan Holiday in The Daily Stoic.  You might find other things that work for you. There are millions of books and probably billions of web pages of information that might help you "get your mind right". All it really takes is for you to make a decision to get better.

Just remember, if you blew out your knee, you'd take medicine and rehab it, correct? Well, your brain is far more important, so take the time to fix or just improve yourself. Pick up a book or an audiobook. Google your specific problem. Talk to your doctor when you get a checkup. Get yourself healthy and get started now.

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