We all did it up right during the 4th, didn't we?

I'm going to get ahead of the critics here and say that the one week run of mask requirements is not going to give us an accurate picture of where we're at. Not only was there initial low adherence while folks got used to the idea and the stores got their signs up, but those 4th Of July get-togethers were the perfect Petri dishes to breed us up new cases.

My neighborhood was absolutely buck-wild on the 4th. I had neighbors with awnings spread out on their front porch and twenty relatives sitting around shooting the shizzle. Now keep in mind that's in the FRONT yard of some houses, what about the back yards and taking it even further, the parks and wherever else folks might congregate.

The problem here is the anti-mask people are looking for a reason to scream about a lack of results. Science is hard for some and I'll be the first to admit that mixed messages were sent out at first and now you also have ridiculous memes trying to back up the anti-maskers.

My one hope in all of this is that many of these celebrations were outdoors and it's a bit tougher for the virus to take hold in those situations (just a bit, so don't get cocky).

While we wait to see any results, get yourself a cool mask, possibly with your favorite thing on it. You may enjoy being part of the club.

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