I'm about to relate a little incident to you that really boils my blood.

A friend of mine, a young lady, works at a very popular coffee shop. Like most responsible businesses, for health and legal reasons, they are requiring their employees to wear masks. The employees don't get a choice in the matter; if they want to work, they have to wear a mask.

While working over the weekend, a patron asked the barista, "what are you wearing that mask for?" This right here was an indication that the patron woke up that morning and decided to be an a**hole to someone. She was taken aback and a little off-balance from the question, and just said, "what do you mean?" at which point the a**hole decided to tell her why COVID-19, aka the coronavirus, was fake.

Let's now dissect these moments. Once again, no matter what your thoughts are on the topic, you know damn well why that person is wearing a mask, but since you're a jerk, let's enumerate.

No. 1: It's a job requirement.

No. 2: The wearer would like to not end up in the hospital.

No. 3: It's common courtesy. I might even possibly let the question asker slide just a hair if everyone in the business was not wearing a mask, but no. 1 on this list is as obvious as the fact that he made a concerted effort to be an a**hole

No one cares what you 'believe.' The world does not run on your beliefs. It runs according to science, and the science is that there is a disease that causes the air sacs in your lungs to fill up with goo to the point where you literally drown. Those are the facts. Kind of like it's a 100 percent true fact that people who pick on servers are complete a**holes.

By the way, I noticed these people always pick on others who are smaller than them, or could lose their jobs for responding in the way they should. Quit being a coward and ask someone your own size why they wear a mask. They are very liable to show you why you should cover your own mouth.

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