Wearing a mask shouldn't bother you any more than someone wearing a mask by now.

A national talk show host said that people should confront mask wearers and tell them that their mask "offends them" and to "take it off". Man, this is the worse idea since someone decided to put a fork in an electrical outlet.

People who would buy into this idea are the same people who resisted putting masks on in the first place and helped stretch this pandemic out. Still, I've encouraged everyone all I could to wear masks, but outside of work,  I haven't said anything to anybody who I've seen not wearing one. Out in the streets and in the stores, I mind my business and everyone else should mind there's.

If I see somebody without a mask, I make a quick judgment call about the situation and either avoid them or engage with them. I've had my two shots and still like to wear my mask as a courtesy to others. If they don't appreciate, then who cares? Absolutely no one loses if you wear a mask and it's not needed. You have no right to see my whole face unless I choose to show it anyways.

All of this comes down to people minding their own business. Now If you have a chance of infecting me with something, that is my business. If I'm wearing something that is no threat to your safety or well-being, then minding your own business is a good idea.

My best guess is that wearing masks may become a seasonal and a highly situational thing very soon. Until then, just be safe, and that includes keep any anti-mask chatter to yourself.


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