Matador was hit by a confirmed tornado last night and it left a path of death and destruction.

What we know right now from news reports is that there are three confirmed dead. We know at least one building, a Dollar Store, appears to have been completely destroyed. More will be known as the sun rises today.

Lubbock has sent some official resources and personnel to help triage the situation. We are waiting on word from them on what can be done to help. In the meantime please consider these basic things:

*Avoid the area. If your travels take you near Matador, take an alternate route.

*Await for an official call for volunteers. Right now you would most likely be in the way of professionals.

*Donate/Fundraise. Donations to the Red Cross always help. They have the infrastructure to assist in these situations. Families will also need help so you could start raising funds now and wait for the proper channels to donate them.

*Do not send unrequested items. Right now logistics will be a huge concern. Things you donate will have no place to be stored or used and will probably just be wasted or add to the chaos.

*Reach out to friends and relatives. If you know someone in the affected area and can help them or their pets with temporary lodging it would probably be a great help.

*Take care of yourself. While you await word on how you can help further, consider that this could have been you or your immediate neighbors. Make an emergency plan for your family.

Matador is located about 80 miles northeast of Lubbock.

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