Okay, maybe somebody didn't read the room?

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay/Image by 51581 from Pixabay
Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay/Image by 51581 from Pixabay

Your Obnoxious Expert

I am a bit of an expert on "reading the room". I deal in saying inappropriate things at inappropriate times. It is my specialty and I've been doing it since 1981. If you ever ask me in person I'll tell you I do a lousy job of it and I'm barely hanging on, but the truth is that I have been able to provide a decent living for my family by being unexpected and frequently a bit shocking. It's with that knowledge that I know that sometimes it's best "not go there".

The Audience

Just in case you're wondering what the secret is to making a living as a jerk is, I'll lay it out for you. You just have to know your audience. I kind of know what my audience will accept and what they won't accept. The beautiful thing is that when they get to know you and where your heart is, they'll let you get away with almost anything.

Stranger Danger

So this is one of those situations of "I can make fun of my family but if you make fun of my family we're going to have a problem". So let's cut to the chase. What appears to be a very fun little phone-based adventure/entertainment event is coming to town based on the Wizard Of Oz. As you well know Dorthy was scooped up by a tornado and taken to Oz, so on the surface that kind of storyline fits the promotion. The problem is, uh, well...

Lubbock History

In May of 1970, tornados tore Lubbock apart and 26 people died. The scars it left on the town are pretty deep and a memorial was constructed to honor everyone who was affected by that horrible night. So again, I get it, it's just a "Wizard Of Oz" thing, but this custom graphic may hit a sore spot with a few folks:


No Real Harm Done

I'm sure this group had no intention of upsetting anyone and I wish them well. I hope everyone has a very fun event, but maybe use this opportunity to get to know the places you visit just a little bit better.

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