I kind of miss the days when people just complained about their fast-food order on the internet.

I guess there's far more important things to talk about on the internet this day, but still, peaking out in between all of the social commentary are stories about how this place or that place "can't get their orders right".  Let's dissect this.

Let's start with this-I can't remember the last time someone got my fast food order wrong. I seriously can't and I'm not making this up. So why do I have better "luck" than you? First, I speak clearly into the speaker box and know what I'm going to order. There's no "uhhhhs" or "just a second". This eliminates the possibility of me JUST THINKING that I ordered someone when I didn't. Next, I listen back to my order. I don't allow myself to be distracted until my order has been read back to me. The third one is that I rarely "special order" (no tomatoes, light ice, or any of that picky nonsense).

Let's take that third one apart even more. Even though most places want you to "have it your way", they are used to making the same things over and over and over again, and when you special order you're kind of throwing a monkey wrench into the works.  So, stuff happens.

While we're on the topic, let's deal with a couple of other issues. You should check inside your bag, especially with larger orders. I understand that you may not want to hold up the line making sure they held the pickle, but you can at least do a quick item count. It's possible that someone grabs the wrong bag or even grabs the bag too soon on occasion.

Lastly, you're being ridiculous to hold a bad order against a chain. Different people work and different stores and it's highly unlikely you'll even see the same people twice in the high churn fast food industry.


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