I just don't understand humans sometimes. We just have to piss on something to prove that it's ours.


If you haven't heard, they are planning a "Mayor's Marathon". The instructions are a little whack, but somehow they are going to have traffic on the "inner Loop" and runners on the "outer loop".  I guess this means one-way traffic on the Loop for most of one day (I think the best way to describe this is that you'll be able to go clockwise on the Loop, but not counter-clockwise).  Oh, there will also be designated spectator areas to increase to the mess.

I get it. We have a big round thing in town and people want to say they ran on it. Okay, I want to barbeque hot dogs on the tuning keys of the Buddy Holly Statue, why can't I organize that? The answer to both is obvious, there is no reason to inconvenience the vast majority of Lubbock citizens to satisfy one special interest group.

I applaud the city for making something happen in a town where nothing happens, but not only do we have enough free space to do this is a place that won't inconvenience folks, we have TONS of free space to do this in a place that won't inconvenience folks. Run to Shallowater and back, or even more perfect, run to Buffalo Springs Lake and back.

I'd also like to know who is paying for TxDot's involvement in all of this. Their resources will be used in helping block off areas of the Loop for this run, I wonder what the bill for that is going to be like.

Shutting down, or choking up traffic on the Loop is a dumb idea. Have some imagination when dreaming up these events and some consideration for other folks when executing them.

In the meantime, expect a mess on April 22nd in Lubbock. A complete mess.

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