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Okay, somebody needs a spankin'.

I love our friends at Everything Lubbock. They truly have become the premium news-gathering organization in town. They have more local news than any other media source around. That doesn't mean they've got it right yet. In fact, they had two versions of this story, with the first being the proper way to handle it, and the second being ridiculous.

Let's get to my objection straight up: it's the headlines "Protest Over The Death Of George Floyd Erupts In Lubbock." Now, how straight up and inflammatory is that? People threw their stuff down, ran wild in the streets, and began screaming for justice! It "erupted"? Seriously, the top blew off the pressure cooker that is Lubbock?

Uh, no. 

A very organized, very polite group of Lubbockites scheduled a protest at an appropriate place, at an appropriate time, and, by almost all accounts, behaved in a well-mannered and lawful way, even helping police take down a man with a firearm, days after protests began elsewhere. That's why you should have stuck with the first story, saying people had "gathered."

Lay off the hyperbole, gang - it scares the old folks and the children.

Lubbock showed how it should be done and they deserve credit for it. I recommend a nice online or story editor to have a peep at these things before you put them out there. We can still be friends, and I know you'll call me out when I'm finally caught being a bad boy, so you can handle a little correction, too.

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