Excuse me while I return to the fertile ground that is wearing a mask.

First off, I'm going to wear a mask and I'm only doing business with places that require them. Done. I have already crossed one business off my list so it's not a big deal to me to shop elsewhere. If all local businesses give up on masks, then it's Amazon for me. Sorry, you can make your choices about safety and I'll make mine.

Memorial Day is a day when we recognize those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, in plainer terms, those who have died while fighting for the U.S.  So what is the U.S.? It is a collection of citizens living under a common flag and idea of freedom. Right now you are being enlisted to protect other U.S. citizens by wearing a mask.

This takes me to my next point, the idea that people wearing masks are somehow "scared". That very well may be the most idiotic thing ever. We KNOW that wearing a mask does not protect us, it protects other people (the aforementioned U.S. citizens).

This is also why I do not do business with places that have dropped or don't use the masks, it's not because I'm afraid of catching something from them ( I can easily stay six feet or more away from most), it's because I know I'm dealing with people who do not care about my health and well being as a customer and a U.S. citizen.

Things are leveling off and hopefully, they will continue to do so, so that we can get rid of the masks and the distancing in the (hopefully) near future. When it's over, I will be proud of how I handled myself as a U.S. citizen, how about you?

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