I don't have to tell you what Memorial Day means. I think most of you will be huddled around a barbecue with friends. The least we can do to help you celebrate is to bring you a kick-ass soundtrack.

Turn up the radio or stream us (Editor's note: or get our free mobile app!) this weekend as you cook up a batch of juicy burgers. We'll keep you on your toes all weekend long with "Memorial Day Triple Plays." We're only doing the best of the best this time giving you a fresh triple shot at the top of the hour. We'll kick things off at Midnight Friday night/Saturday morning and take it all the way up to Loudwire Nights on Monday night.

We do have a couple breaks along the way that we hope you'll check out. We have Dee Snider's House of Hair Saturday mornings at 6 a.m. (and repeating Sunday night/Monday morning at midnight). We also added Lou Brutus back with Hard Drive Sunday nights from 6 - 8 p.m. These days, Lou focuses completely on new music, so you can keep up and stay tuned in with the latest. (Lou also repeats Wednesday night/Thursday morning at midnight.)

So how 'bout it? Keep it rockin' with FMX this weekend!

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