There is one story we didn't tell when Metallica came to Lubbock.

The story we didn't tell when Metallica came to Lubbock was the story of the road crew.

Of course, Metallica brings tons of people with them on the road, but like most bands, they also rely on the local crew to get things done.

How you treat the local crew can make or break a band, because stories get around. If you're uncool to the locals, that information will affect your shows going forward. If someone says, 'the band are dicks,' then, let's say, things just don't go smoothly.

Now, most crews are professionals and would never intentionally sandbag a show. But knowing you're not appreciated can hurt your motivation just a bit.

Metallica, well, they've always treated local crew right. In fact, our local crew scored some real collector's item shirts. Have a look:

little lar dog

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