Did you know there are plans to build a memorial to the 1970 tornado victims and those who helped rebuild afterward?

This memorial would be built for the 50th anniversary of the event. Can we start with, what the hell is Lubbock's deal with waiting so long? That's about how long it took this city to recognize that Buddy Holly was a "thing" and it'll probably be another 20-30 more before The Dixie Chicks are properly accepted in some form (other the low-key induction of Natalie Maines into the Wall Of Fame).

The memorial is also supposed to serve as a "gateway into the newly revised downtown cultural arts district".  Wait again. Do we have a "newly revised downtown cultural arts district"?  When did this happen?  Oh, you may mean that privately funded Buddy Holly Whatever The Heck It's Called Center?  So, what we're really talking about is building a doorstep or entry point, or driveway for a private business.  Well, since you're raising private funds for the memorial, I guess it's all good. Then again, who is going to pay to maintain it? I'm pretty sure that city crews will be the one charged with the upkeep.

I kind of just don't think this was very well thought out. Let's say the Buddy Holly Whoozee Whatsit Thingy gets a booking, does it strike you as particularly odd that you'll be greeted by a black wall with the names of 26 dead? That kind of doesn't scream good time to me.

However, with all of this out of the way, Lubbock does need public works and green spaces BADLY. I would have rather have seen Lubbock as a city step up and set up a really cool park or play area in honor of this horrific event, but we don't have any real leaders that can push a project like that through.

If all of this is really about what we lost and how we recovered, it should be celebrated by looking forward and not backward.  I guess you can see why I said I'm "mixed" on the topic. It just seems like really odd execution of a good idea. Anyways, "Go You Guys!", at least someone in this town is doing something.

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