You may not know this, but I host "church" every Sunday.

I run my own little online church called, "The Church Of The Modern Day Frankenstein". Our goal is to build better people, thus "Frankenstein".  I try to put together three or more themes or goals for each week to help with my personal advancement. That's right, it's really about me, but I share the ideas that I've come across with my online audience.

I have no training and no certification; I only am expressing thoughts that work for me. In fact, the reason that I haven't written this up before is that the great authors and thinkers of our time deserve that credit and not me.

I am going to make an exception this week and give you an idea of how we cover things. I had three bullet points this week to cover.

*Identify bad habits and target information

*Take time for stillness

*Invest in activities that have a high rate of return.

Let's break these out. I have a habit of watching every single wrestling video that comes across my feed, so Facebook feeds me more and more. One problem, I haven't watched wrestling in something like ten years. I became a slave to the algorithm and now that I've identified this time waster, I'm chucking it out the window.

Next up is a reminder to take time for stillness. I don't meditate or stare at a cone of incense, but all of us need to turn everything off once in a while and give our brains time to rest and process all of the information that we've been bombarded with.

Last up is making sure your time is quality time. Playing video games is fun (and trust me, I still play) but playing a game outside with your friends is fun, gets you a little fresh air, and maybe keeps you in better shape.  Watching a movie is awesome, but watching something that educates you, or even turning off the t.v. is better. Then there are things like hobbies. You may have a hobby you like, but can you twist that hobby so that you get more out of it, such as selling things you make?

So there you go, three things to think about going into the week. I hope some of this information helps you think about things a bit.

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