I think I could write about this all day, but I'm going to make it quick.

Let's spend a second and talk about some runners-up.  First off, I'm not including any clubs that are still around. Some of the other clubs considered for the list were Main Street Saloon, Wild West, Fat Dawgs, Einsteins and New West proper (more on that below). I just wanted to give them all a quick name check because I loved many shows within their walls too.

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    The Rox

    Talk about a great club, The Clash, Talking Heads, Pat Benatar and even U2 played this legendary club off of 4th street (Check out those $4 U2 tickets in the picture). The location is currently (I guess) a car lot during the week and a club on weekends.

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    The Depot Warehouse

    The parties at the Depot Warehouse were legendary and shows were beyond legendary. I can't even begin to name all the names I saw there so let's just go with Pantera, Kid Rock, and 7 Mary 3. Let's also not forget that it was the location where the Jim Rose Sideshow was shut down and arrested

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    The Backroom

    Do you realize that Slayer played a club in Lubbock? After hosting many shows at New West, a little club was carved out of the back. Slayer, Foghat, Quiet Riot and a ton of others rocked the joint. It was the hot spot in town when Driver winged it down to Lubbock from Austin two decades ago.

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    Abbey Road

    I loved Abbey Road. I saw a lot of acts there that you may not even remember. I loved Hughes/Thrall (Glen Hughes of Deep Purple & Pat Thrall of the Pat Travers Band), Nick Lowe & Paul Carrack (Ace, Squeeze), Wendy O. Williams, and Ratt right before they got huge.

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    South Beach

    South Beach counts but it doesn't count. South Beach (and it's other names Palladium?) generally hosted the shows that were spillover or a little too big for the Depot Warehouse. I remember seeing David Lee Roth, The Nixons, Sevendust and other over there. It was a great place to party with a second floor that had some great visibility (and more bars).

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