Today is election day and turnout will probably stink.

So who will the stinky turnout benefit, my guess is that it will NOT benefit our Sheriff's Department or roads, and with the first of these issues, that's a dang shame.

The Lubbock Sherrif's Office is asking for a property tax increase so they can pay deputies more. I'm in. 100% in. I want the best, the brightest and most well-trained, and happy deputies we can get. I have faith that the Sherrif's office spends its money wisely. The problem is, I think this is going to get drug down by the big money "ask" in this election, the 174.5 million dollars for road bonds.

The road bond thing is way trickier and in my opinion, seems to do a bit more for developers and insiders than improve the life of the average Lubbockite. If I'm wrong, it's their fault for not properly educating us. I wish I could get behind this because I really believe that roads should be close to first on a politician's priority list; the thing that echoes through my brain is, once again,  I thought our taxes already paid for this kind of stuff.

Then there are the constitutional amendments, the only one that is memorable to me is, a law keeping the state government from shutting down churches even in times of emergency. My guess is the church people are motivated to vote this one in more than anyone is motivated to vote it down. It sure seems silly to tie anyone's hands when it comes to emergencies, but have at it if you want.

Anyways, go vote or don't.

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