I guess I'm mostly old school. Some of you might know that I hosted the night shift on FMX during the real launch of what is not called metal. With my "Midnight Metalshop" show I was able to play release from bands like Queensrche and Twisted Sister before they were even signed to real labels. Who knows what my taste is, but I can at least say I was exposed to TONS of metal.

Some of the ballots have been shared from Roling Stones Top 100 Metal Albums. It got me thinking?  What would I put on the list? The biggest question to start is "what is metal and what is not?".  Then it comes down to, are you listing your favorites, the most influential or  are you going to be the arrogant one who says "best"?  Myself, I look at it this way: if you told me to go put on a Metallica album, the album I'd put on is the one listed. I'm not putting on any airs here, or adding anything to the list to impress you, these are the top 10 I've loved the most and this is it.  For more insight, check out the video.

1. Black Sabbath-Paranoid

2. U.F.O. Lights Out

3. Slipknot-Volume 3

4. Metallica-Ride The Lightning

5. AC/DC-Powerage

6. Judas Priest-Unleashed In The East

7. Korn-Issues

8. Ozzy-Diary Of A Madman

9. Dio-Holy Diver

10. Iron Maiden-Number of The Beast

I have a few honorable mentions, including The Scorpions-Blackout, Megadeath-Countdown To Extinction, Twisted Sister-Stay Hungry, Kiss-Alive, Motley Crue-Too Fast For Love, Alice In Chains-Dirt and Van Halen I (more on this in the video).

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