You better make some plans right now.

Who doesn't love nachos?  This kid is in fact in the middle of a nacho renaissance. The first step in making some great nachos is conservation. Yep, the next time you make some tacos freeze up a little of that taco meat. If you didn't think ahead, brown up some ground beef with season salt, chili pepper, cumin and may a nice onion.

Next up is the step where I think most people blow it, and that's the execution of the cooking. It's simple, use your broiler.  I lay the chips on a cookie sheet, cover with taco meat and cheese and melt everything up real quick. It only takes a few seconds.

Finally throw some salsa or pico on top, a little sour cream, guacamole if you're into it, and add as many jalapeno slices as you can handle.

I have to say it again, heating the chips and making everything melty under the broiler is the thing that will set your nachos apart from dry, cold chips with just a hot cheese sauce.  Using this technique, I have NEVER had better nachos at any restaurant in town.  Enjoy!

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