Some folks out there really need some context and some history.

Hulton Archive, Getty Images
Hulton Archive, Getty Images

I was reading a story (from another town) about the possible implementation of code enforcement. Basically, code guys would like for chipped and peeling paint on houses and whatnot. The intent of the code was to keep everything looking nice. I guess maybe it was a bit far-reaching, but certainly not unprecedented.  One complainant about the possible law compared the enforcement as like "Nazi Germany".

Then there are the white trash elements that have rallied here and there. They are basically a bunch of loudmouths with Tiki Torches yelling nonsense, mostly because they can't get laid. These folks too have been compared to Nazis.

At this point, the Nazi comparisons have gotten ridiculous. Here's a little perspective for you; the Nazis killed six million Jews and eleven million others, including over a quarter of a million people with disabilities.

Here's the point. Your mom being mean, your city implementing codes and other nearly benign occurrences don't rate with Nazis.  As a matter of fact, if you could take one random minute out of a Nazis day, it was probably more brutal than anything you've ever experienced your entire life.

So, I'm not the language or internet police, I'm just letting you know how completely ridiculous such Nazi claims are; they do a disservice to the real people who suffered and make you sound like an idiot with no frame of reference.

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