We have certainly had fun changing up 94.5 FMX's famous Purple Spot now and then.

We're always looking for fun ideas for FMX Shirts and when exploring some new ideas, one of our favorite artists (Tim Kohtz at Influence) suggested that while we had some good ideas, the relaunch of the FMX Wet Spot. We did our first run of FMX Wet Spot shirts so long ago that all I can remember is that the spot was on a white shirt. So, I guess we'll call this one "by listener demand."

I would like to commend the artist on the down-low. In order to get this designed, I just told them I wanted something that looked like a water drop from above and never told anyone in the design or supply chain that we would be calling this the FMX Wet Spot. Oh wait, that's all it is. It's just a water drop from above. It's just easier to say wet spot, because it's not like wet spot refers to anything in particular, right?

Those who know will get a chuckle. All I can say is that this design looks sweet no matter what you call it. We will have these when FMX is out on location, but you can also sign up for his & hers wet spots (or his & his, or hers & hers, or yours & yours...or two) shirts right here.

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