Have you noticed something new at the Lubbock Airport? They have somehow found a way to make it even more of a pain in the ass to visit.

The prime drop off area is now for "Taxi & Limo" only. Let me be the first to say that this airport is gotten too big for its britches.

Why should a taxi or a limo take precedence over you dropping your grandma off at the airport? Why do I have to pay someone else for a curbside stop? We do still have the third "shuttle lane," but for curbside, the bulk of the stopping area is reserved for paid vehicles (and a little for police).

I recently flew in and out of the Long Beach Airport and there was none of this tomfoolery. We were able to be picked up and dropped off right at the curb in sunny, overpopulated, and car-crazy California.

Let's be real, Lubbock Airport (I don't even bother with the proper name; no one does): Your primary job is to fly to real airports where people can catch a plane to an actual destination. We aren't L.A., we aren't New York, and neither taxis nor limos are the primary mode of transportation here. If you want to change that space to "pickup trucks only," then maybe it's called for.

Here's the map. I do not believe it's to scale. I couldn't get out and measure, because, uh...you can't park there anymore.

City Of Lubbock
City Of Lubbock

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