I don't understand why some people can't just mind their own business.

Here's a very important question I learned to ask: "what's your endgame?" or "what do you hope to achieve?" Let's apply that to this situation.

A man continues to display signs that (I guess) promote heterosexuality while demeaning homosexuals. (I think that's the most polite thing I can say. Okay, we've established his motivation or cause. Now we ask, what does he hope to achieve by holding this sign up. Will his sign make straight people more hetero or gay people less gay? The answer is "no," so we must assume that if he has any sanity at all, he's doing this for no other reason than to be an a-hole.

With that in mind, I present 10 other signs he should be holding up. And keep scrolling after the gallery below for a blast from a friend's TikTok.

10 Signs This Homophobic Guy in Lubbock Should Hold Instead

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