I guess this time of the year, people are going to bitch about two things: Whether to say "Merry Christmas," and what the new Starbucks cup looks like. Both have a lot in common.

I wish a person's ego could be taken out and set aside just long enough for them to realize that not everything has to be done to please them. People say "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas" because A) it incorporates the New Year in the greeting, and B) different people celebrate the winter solstice in different ways.

I don't know anybody who avoids saying "Merry Christmas" just to put out a point of view. They say "Happy Holidays" to include all points of view.

The same thing goes for Starbucks' Holiday Cup. It's about celebrating all that's good with the season and including all people. You are certainly welcome to make yourself a custom cup with a cross on it and immediately dump your coffee in it if it's that important to you. If this continues to be an issue with you, I suggest you examine your life. It's a paper cup.

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