It was hoped that the very least that could come out of anti-vaxxer deaths was that some people could learn enough to save their own lives.

It doesn't appear that too many people are learning from those around them dying. One in five hundred Americans has now passed away due to COVID and apparently, that still isn't enough. In Texas, that number is a little worse at one in four-hundred-eighty.  I don't know what it's going to take, but that number and that average are rising daily.

So what you end up with is story after story of incredibly sad and ultimately useless irony. the page not only aggregates the deaths but the anti-vaxx materials that many posted, some until mere moments before they died.

When I heard about the site I expected snarky stories making fun of other's misfortune, but it's really not like that. The most snarky thing about the website is the name. Once you start seeing the pictures and reading the stories of the people they left behind there's no satisfaction in this at all.

As mentioned earlier, the website also aggregates many of the anti-vaxx statements, beliefs and memes passed on before these poor souls passed away. In the context presented they are more infuriating and sad because you'll recognize them as the same ones some of your friends and relatives pass along.

I know as time goes on it gets harder to swallow your words. Some people really have their heels dug in on this and to a large degree, it mostly hurts them, but we can't give them reasons to dig in further. This site actually presents a sobering look at the price some people had to pay for their stubbornness.  I hope this site will change some minds.

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