We have a very cool year planned for you at Nightmare On 19th Street.

Nightmare on 19th Street Trick or Treat for Kids
Photo: Justin Massoud, KFMX

I guess by now you know that I co-own Nightmare On 19th Street. I bring that up this time because one of my favorite things to do for FMX's clients is throwing together unique promotions and events. I have to tell you, it's a lot of fun doing that for myself too. So anyway, here's some cool events.

9/29-9/30-Grand Opening. I understand why a lot of people tend to avoid Grand Openings. They think it's going to be too crowded or that the business needs time to get the kinks out. Those two things are not applicable at haunted houses. The fact is, that some people just aren't in the Halloween mood so crowds are light to moderate, and more importantly, you get more scare actors who have been pumped up all year ready to rock.

10/6-Full Moon Fever.  You can experience Nightmare under the light of a full moon. I'm telling you, it's really cool walking through the outdoor areas under a big bad moon. We'll also have our giant werewolf prop out for you to take pictures with.

10/13-Friday The 13th.  Yes, HE will be there. There won't be a Camp Crystal Lake, but we will have the big boy out for some special squares and pictures.

10/14-Rampage By The Stage.  This will be the third year we've had Rampage Wrestling out at Nightmare and they have made it insane every time. They bring out their most colorful wrestlers and it's also one of the few times that this normally family orient promotion has hardcore matches.  We've seen it all from thumbtacks to barbed wire and weed whackers. It's craziness.

10/21 and 10/28. Drew Blood. The star of the Pickled Punk Sideshow will be onstage with some classic routines. He's always fun to watch and if you're really lucky, you'll get to staple some money to his face. Drew is a multi-world record holder and has toured with Dave Chappelle among others.

10/29-Nightmare Trick Or Treat.  This year we'll have our annual Trick Or Treat on the Sunday before Halloween. We cover up the scary stuff, and set up 10-15 Trick Or Treat "stations" on our midway. There are also colorful characters you can get the kids pictures made with. With Halloween on a Tuesday this year, this is a great chance to get the kids out early (and get another use out of that costume). This even happens from 6-7.

I hope you'll join us for some of these events. We really have a blast. If you'd like to know more about the park, you can click here. Regular open dates are listed in yellow on the calendar below.


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