Disclosure: KFMX's Wes Nessman is a co-owner of Nightmare On 19th Street.

Here are the details on the new attraction, plus Nightmare On 19th Street's schedule for 2021.

Nightmare On 19th Street is bringing KarnEvil, the fabulous fourth attraction, which joins Blood Moon Manor, Krampus 3D and Dead Doll Island in a full night of fright.

Get ready for a whole town populated with sketchy clowns and sinister carnival folk. This is the first time the attraction has given these whackos permission to run wild in an outdoor attraction. This is Free Range Clowning, if you will, and it will be positively nuts.

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This attraction almost happened in 2020, but 'The Terror Trail' served as a stopgap since the COVID-19 pandemic slowed down the work crew. Folks will be seeing the dark side of clowns that were scary enough when they were happy thanks to several new brain-twisting structures that were built. It's you and the crazies coming at you from everywhere.

In addition to the new attraction, there are several other new updates to surprise attendees, including "Pumpkin Hell" and "Juniors Room."

Coming off a phenomenal year in 2020, the crew at Nightmare On 19th Street is incredibly happy with customers adapting to our COVID-19 restrictions for a safe night for everyone. They sincerely hope that they can open this October without restrictions, but are ready for whatever life throws at us -- and hope you are, too.

Nightmare On 19th Street is going into its 15th legendary year and currently holds the record as the World's Longest Continuous Trail at 1.25 miles, from doorstep to doorstep.

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